Contending for the Power of God

John Belt
John Belt

Fire Burning DeepThe seduction of the gospel is when knowledge is simply regurgitated from the head. It is a presentation of the gospel that has no demonstration, no power and simply is satisfied doing things that way. When a life falls under this influence is the result of compromise, seduction and faithlessness. A genuine hunger produces an apprehending of God. Fire must burn deep in our hearts. It is up to us to keep that fire burning within. There are things we do to fan things into flame in our lives. There are ways that we position ourselves spiritually to become effective ministers of His life.

Living Examples
In our lives we need to be leaders and not be passive looking to others for an example, but raise the bar in our own personal lives with as radical commitment to God as we can grasp. How close can we get to Jesus? It should not be about what we can get by with. In our humanity we sometime struggle with this because of our dissatisfaction with where we are because we know there is so much more. So whatever it takes to break through that barrier is what is needed so that we can live in experience with the Lord. Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they shall be filled. There is an element of hide and seek that the Lord plays with us because He knows what we need. He stirs us to be dissatisfied with where we are in Him so that He can take us up higher that where we currently are. There is a place of contentment in His Presence but the deal is to have that all the time and to have the grace and place to dispense it to others carrying His raw power within us. We want to be vessels of His power. Living by that power is living without limitation.

No Limitation Lifestyle
God calls us to a no limitation lifestyle. God has nothing to do with poverty, but has everything to do with abundance in life and in thought. Heaven is abounding with all good things. (every good and perfect gift) A life that lives to encourage others is an abundant life overflowing and making a difference. Where as a person that continually tears down is impoverished in his soul being subdued by a spirit of poverty. Poverty can be seen in the natural world. But in spiritual terms it is a life devoid of understanding the inheritance that is available to us in Christ. Because we are sons we are rightful heirs to all of the promises of God in every area of life. His promises transcend natural limitations. All things are possible to him who believes. And God desires to break through in very tangible ways in our lives as we yield to His Word and Spirit in with a surrendered heart.

Power in the Name of Jesus
So we must contend for ?living? by the power of God. The power of God cannot be just a nice thing that happens every once in a while but we are learning to live by that power daily. It is His power that makes our days fruitful bringing multiplication to our efforts. In contending for the power we must also contend to keep that Name of Jesus in the forefront. Because His Name is the Name that is above every other name! It is at His Name that every knee shall bow and tongue confesses. There is innate power in His Name that all the demons in hell must bow to. So as we offer our mouths to God let us exalt that Name of Jesus for there is no Name under heaven and earth by which ALL men must be saved. The power of God rests and resides in the Name of Jesus. The Lord will put substance behind His Name to those who are consecrated to Him in the Secret Place of the Most High.Those who dwell in His shadow have a covering. It is the only covering. It is the Psalm 91 promise that ?he who dwells shall abide under the Shadow of the Almighty?? Without dwelling in Him you have no covering. We will have accountability to one another through friendship relationship but the covering is from God alone. It is under His covering and the revelation of His Shield of Favor about us that will keep us in His power and glory. (Psalm 5)

Embrace the Fullness of God's Glory

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