Doors Opening, Raising the Sails & Love Initiators

John Belt
John Belt

Heightening the Spiritual Senses

Right now is great time to heighten your spiritual senses to the Spirit as God is wanting to do some rearranging and repositioning in many lives. As we seek the Lord with the whole heart He will bring us safely into a new place of favor and blessing. Intensify your fire in prayer, intercession and communion, soaking in the Holy Spirit. Take a little time to sacrifice, pay a price. Allow the spirit of prayer to come on your life in a fresh way. Salvation is a free gift, but to walk as Jesus walked has a cost to it. God blesses those with whole-hearted commitment to His desires.

Opening Doors

Revelation 3:8
?I know your works. See, I have set before you an open door, and no one can shut it.?
The Lord is setting before us some open doors at this time. Open doors can represent new opportunities, placement and relationships. I recently had a vision where I saw a crossing over into a new season where God will be setting people on His ?highway? as they move forward at the upcoming intersections. A highway represents just what it says in the first syllable of the word, ?high?. It will be a higher way of the Spirit, of promotion and blessing. A highway also implies a place of ?speed?, moving at a faster pace. These will be quick transitions on to the highway of His Presence.

Extreme Joy, Raise Your Sails

The other night as I was asleep, I was being tickled with great joy, even laughing out loud. This was just a funny experience. It was like being tickled by angels. I woke up just a happy camper because the Spirit was releasing His joy inside of me. Don?t you know that heaven is just the most amazing place of unspeakable joy? Don?t ever allow religiosity to put out the joy?of your salvation. Take joy in His love for you, the peace that He gives you and His most satisfying Presence. This is a time where the Holy Spirit wants to bring His joy in a fresh way to our lives. It is time to raise your spiritual sails. I saw a picture of sails being raised and the Spirit blowing His fresh wind in these sails. God is getting ready to take people on a new adventure of ?eye-opening? surprise. This speaks of prophetic experiences that will awaken your senses to His world of life.

Love Initiators

I John 4:19
?We love Him because He first loved us.?
We love Jesus because He first loved us. Receive a fresh revelation of God?s love. Good overcomes evil. Allow the Holy Spirit to pour His love in your heart. You will become the ?initiator? that will cause love to come back. God?s love is contagious and irresistible. When we learn to love others with His love there will be a softening of the hard hearts. Love never fails.

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  1. Thanks John,
    Yours and God?s words always come at the right moment to my life too, to the other side of the world…it’s always so amazing and I can’t even tell how much these letters have given me courage over the many difficult years in my life. They have been many times like a life-buoy(is it the right word?) to raise me up again…
    with blessing,
    Liisa from Finland, now in Spain on a prayertrip

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