Experiencing His Presence

John Belt
John Belt

The Presence of God is essential to our lives. As believers we cannot afford to live without it. There are lots of things you can argue about in regards to beliefs but you cannot sway someone who has had an encounter with God.  That is why it is so important that we learn to live in the Presence of God everyday. We must have the reality of knowing Him, not in head knowledge, but in the context of encountering His Presence. 

The first thing we need when are desiring to experience God is a hunger to know Him, even to know Him more. Jesus told His disciples that it would be better that He went away because then the Holy Spirit could come. (John 16:7) The Holy Spirit is the Person of Jesus Christ that dwells in our hearts, even the Presence of God. 

Jesus said it would be better.  Why is this the case?  Because He knew that we would need to know the power of the indwelling of the Spirit in our lives to be His witnesses. This includes power to speak of His goodness, share the truth of the good news and carry the substance of the Person of Who He is. 

There is so much that God pours into us as we experience Him including all the fruit of His Spirit, a greater awareness and desire for Him and His power.  You can never overvalue the time you spend with God.   It is from this secret place with Him that everything else He calls us to flows and finds fulfillment. 

Matthew 6:6

But you, when you pray, go into your room, and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father who is in the secret place; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly.”

We need to know how to receive in His Presence.  Many have a harder time with this because the focus is more on what they do than on how to receive in the Presence of God.  But if we don’t know how to receive from Him then we will have nothing of His Spirit to give. This requires us to slow down, worship, pray and seek His face. It is “slowing down”.  By slowing down to be with God you actually speed the process of God in your life. 

You’ve probably heard it said that, “muscles have memory”.  This is parallel to our habits in the things we practice in every area.  The more we practice the easier it becomes.Because of this we want to Practice the Presence of God in our lives.

One way I’ve found this to work is by using soaking musicWe’ve developed non-stop soaking instrumentals that will help you connect with God through creating an atmosphere in His Presence. 

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John Belt

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  1. I have been blessed by your worship. Thanks God bless you. I found the link through Brother Joe. who normally ministers to our village church in Uganda Uganda tororo Daniel 12:3-4 is my encouragement to you and the minister

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