God Walks on the Wings of the Wind

John Belt
John Belt

Psalm 104:3
?Who walks on the wings of the wind,
Who makes His angels spirits,?His ministers a flame of fire.?
In this verse?we see?an amazing?picture of God’s supernatural activity, how He works by His Spirit?together with?His angels and saints.? The Holy Spirit is likened to “the wind” as we see in multiple areas of scripture, even notably in the Book of Acts and in the Book of John. (Acts 2, John 3:8) The Spirit came like a “mighty rushing wind” in the Acts 2 and Jesus compares Him to the wind. ?In Psalm 104:3 we see a progressive order of “God’s ways”.? God comes or walks on the wings of the wind of the Holy Spirit. ?When we yield in a place of pursuit and surrender, welcoming the Holy Spirit, God increases in our lives through His glory.? As it happens, God walks into the atmosphere in the form of the Holy Spirit like a wind. We also see?His angels are also activated to assist in ushering in the realm of God’s Kingdom. ?Heaven’s activity is manifested in our midst when we welcome the winds of God’s Presence. ?In addition, we (saints, ministers)?are?empowered and filled bring freshly filled with the Spirit’s influence. ?This word “ministers” can also be translated “worshippers”, which is just another reminder that our worship to God is our primary ministry.? This is a very powerful progression revealed in this Psalm that begins with a pursuit to catch the wind of His Spirit, where God walks.? In this we are welcoming heaven on earth where all of heaven’s resources?empower and assist us to see the Kingdom of God manifested on earth.
We see this passage quoted by the writer of Hebrews in the first chapter, which is also written like a Psalm. It is the only entire chapter in the New Testament that is written in this psalmist form:
Hebrews 1:5
“But when He again brings the firstborn into the world, He says:
?Let all the angels of God worship Him.??
And of the angels He says:
?Who makes His angels spirits and His ministers a flame of fire.?
But to the Son He says:
?Your throne, O God, is forever and ever;?A scepter of righteousness is the scepter of?Your kingdom.”
In this passage we see a?very close relationship with the angels and the Holy Spirit, for they are both associated with the “ruah”, the wind or the breath of God.? It says that He makes His angels “winds”.? This being the same Hebrew word used in the Psalm passage where God “walks on the wind”. ?There is both a figurative and literal application here.??God works with symbolism as He is communicating eternal truth in our language, but at the same time it is very real and literal as He is a supernatural God. We these symbolic similarities in the Song of Songs.
Song of Songs 4:16
“Awake, O north wind; and come, thou south;?blow upon my garden, that the spices thereof may flow out.?Let my beloved come into his garden,?and eat his pleasant fruits.”
We should welcome the winds of God’s Presence to blow upon us.??The effect of the winds of God’s?Spirit blowing on our lives are that “sweet odors”, the fragrance of heaven, would be released through our lives.? There also is a wonderful picture of the Bridegroom in this verse, “my Beloved” (Jesus), being welcomed into the garden as well to partake of the fruits of “His” garden.? A notable shift here as it switches from “my” garden to “His” garden.? In this we see a picture of our surrender to God. Everything we are and have is His. ?Many songs use this phrase that is a reflection out of this passage of scripture saying, “I am His and He is mine.”
Welcome the winds of God’s Presence into your life that He might come in very real in tangible ways releasing His fragrance and supernatural activity through this most intimate communion with His Spirit.

4 thoughts on “God Walks on the Wings of the Wind”

  1. this teaching on the winds of God was so encouraging as last night wed april 27th I was at a messianic fellowship and after a time of violent celebration and praise yes I said violent we had a study on the month of nissan abib/aviv that ends this may 8th. In the teaching this is the first month on Jewish calendar and one of the meanings is a wind from God that blows over the lattice through the window and into our lives and it is important that we take time to allow Gods wind the Holy Ghost to speak to us for guidance for the rest of the year, meaning the lunar calendar that God honors! It also says a violent wind of praise and thats what happened on pentecost and thats where we are headed next on the calendar so may the wind of heaven continue to blow on you and your ministry as we approach pentecost and when it comes may the most violent powerful glorious wind of heaven come upon you and transform you into the flames of heaven to transform the world into Yawehs Kingdom!

  2. I love this teaching. May Gods wind blow on me and through me to usher in His glorious Kingdom and I ray the same wind on all His true followers. Amen!

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