Keeping Your Peace in the Holidays

It’s pretty amazing how quickly the Christmas Season hit us! Mind boggling to me that we’ve already passed Thanksgiving. For some, it can get pretty busy during this time when you add all the different elements that make up the season.

Just as Jesus is the Prince of Peace – we want to stay in His rest. We know we are in a good place if we can anchor ourselves in the peace of God.

What are some ways we can do that?

1. Slow down
This may seem so obvious yet there is such a key in having the ability to stop – even for 5 minutes if that’s all you have. It’s quite amazing how long 5 minutes can seem when you finally stop!

2. Close Your Eyes
​Pull down the shades. There’s kind of a funny twist to this because in many in “prophetic circles” they will tell you to keep your eyes open at times. But I love closing my eyes because I want to see JESUS! I love
goiing deeper within my heart where He dwells. In this place it is just me and God.

3. Maybe Quiet, Maybe Music
Music may help as well. Some anointed instrumental music creates a great atmosphere for the Presence of God. Just to have that going for 5 minutes can help bring some refreshing.

4. Honesty
This is also a great time just to get honest with the Lord. Cast all of your
cares upon Him for He cares for you. Make this time a place where you can drop off the load – get rid of it. There isn’t anything too small where God isn’t interested. Isn’t that amazing!

5. Receive His Peace
At this point you want to welcome His Spirit. Just say, “Holy Spirit Come fill me fresh. I receive your Presence into my heart – wash over me, refresh me, dwell in me.”

As you make room for God He will meet you in powerful ways. It really doesn’t take as much as we sometimes think. God can multiply your time just like Jesus multiplied the loaves for the multitudes.

Enjoy His Presence Always!

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