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A Healthy Obsession with God

In our lives we will always find ourselves occupied with something. There is always a particular thing that takes most of our attention, time and focus. Jesus pulls us aside to show us the one thing we should be most obsessed with, that is the Person of Who He is and His Kingdom.

Can you think of anything more important to you life than God Himself? He is the One Who created us, fashioning us in His image. In order for us to live the way we were meant to He has to be first. How simple and essential this is. People are finding lots of things to take their minds different directions.

Just as man has to have something to worship as he was created to worship, so those affections need redirected toward God. When we discover the place where He occupies our thoughts, even the things that please Him – the truths in His Word, worship, prayer and His promises. All of these things create a synergy together making us a life that is completely surrendered to Him. When the purpose of all that we do it so that we can serve God more effectively then we have gained a right focus and perspective in this life of what is really important.

The more we can do things with an intent to glorify God, to know Him better and serve His greater purposes on earth then we begin to live from heaven’s vantage point. David said, “Create a clean heart in me Oh God”. Why? So that he could be a vessel that was worthy and pleasing to the Lord. His ulterior motive was that His Spirit, the Presence of God, would not be taken away from Him.

David realized the value of the Presence of God in His life as he had known it from a young age. David learned the value of the Presence through engaging with God in worship in the context of music and song. He knew this place of God’s manifested Presence. It was more than a thought. It was a tangible experience that he entered into over and over again. What this created in David was an obsession, even and addiction, to be with God. It was something he could not do without. Is that your story?

Mary Magdalene had a similar experience where she had been made free of a life of shame and sadness. Prior to Jesus going to the cross she expressed that thankfulness to Jesus pouring expensive perfume upon His feet in worship. Just the thought of Jesus not being with her any longer caused her desperate heart to pour out in thankfulness a lavish offering. She was thinking, “Where would I be without Jesus?” He was the One Person she knew she could not do without. She was obsessed with Him.

God wants to create a passion and obsession in our hearts for Him where nothing else gets in the way. Many of the problems and issues people experience is rooted in a lack of passion for God. Misguided affections cause people to fall away from the first love they had with Jesus. Some have lost the reality of the experience in God’s Presence, the satisfaction that comes from being in communion with His Spirit. The Lord says when we seek Him with the whole heart we will find Him!

Ask God to give you a whole-hearted desire to seek Him first. To seek God first means you will have to sacrifice different things in your life. When you begin to take steps in that direction He will meet you there to encourage you to keep laying things down. Give your best offering to the Lord, experience the satisfaction of His Presence and give it all over to Him for He is your everything.

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