Signs of Prophetic Calling

John Belt
John Belt

What are the signs of a prophetic calling?

Jesus compares all God’s people to the last Old Testament prophet, John the Baptist, saying the “least in the Kingdom of Heaven is greater.” So in essence we are all called to “the prophetic”.

1. Called from Your Mother’s Womb

It says in the Book of Jeremiah that “where you were in your mother’s womb I called you”. This is a very specific call of God on the life of Jeremiah. When we are talking about “signs of prophetic calling” we can look at it from two different angles. There is the call to the office of the “prophet” and there is a general call to be “prophetic”. There is a difference.

2. Different Prophets

One who is called to the office of a prophet can be called in different ways. It does not seem to have to be dramatic, but there are obviously cases where it is. I think it also helps to understand that there are different kinds of prophets. Ezekiel is one type, Jeremiah is another, while Isaiah is also different. They are all prophets with different experiences and ways that they received revelation from God. Some of this is filtered through the personalities of how God had made them.

3. A Common Theme

A common theme with prophets is that that are uncompromising. This is something that is to be common to all those who follow Jesus Christ. Jesus told us that His sheep hear His voice and follow Him. Hearing the voice of God is at the heart of being prophetic. In this sense we are all called to be prophets or prophetic people. A prophet is someone who lives in a very intimate relationship with the Lord. Because of this He hears to the voice of God and lives by that voice. We also know that the sons of God are led by the Spirit of God. Looking at things in this light shows us that we all must hear the voice of God.

Through faithfulness many are called into the office of a prophet. Some are called from their mother’s womb. But we are all called to be prophetic. When we look at signs of a prophetic calling we need to understand that faithfulness to God is a key if we are to fulfill that calling.

4. Prophetic Signs on All Flesh

In the Book of Act the prophet Joel is quoted saying that in the last days God would pour out His Spirit on all flesh. Because of this sons and daughters will prophesy with others experiencing dreams and visions. We need to understand that God is the same yesterday, today and forever. He uses dreams and visions to speak to us. It is a sign of His Spirit being poured out. That does not mean that all dreams and visions are from God, but if we are filled with the Holy Spirit we can tell the difference.

There are pizza dreams, soul dreams and then dreams that God gives where you can tell God’s Spirit inspired. Some signs of prophetic calling would be, in general terms, that you have decided to follow Jesus. Because of this you are called to be prophetic. Some signs of prophetic calling, in specific terms, can be when God has opened your eyes to see things in the Spirit realm in unusual ways.

5. The Ability to See

I’ve known people who have grown up seeing angels and demons as kids. It was so natural to them they thought everyone saw this. Later in life they realized that this was not the case. Even with this ability no one is entrusted with the “office of a prophet”. This will still only happen through faithfulness to God and a commitment to follow Him. For the office of the prophet is part of the five fold ministry gifting for the edifying of the Body of Christ, these being foundation stones for the Church. Our lives, integrity, purity of heart and devotion all come into play in regards to the call that God gives us. God is not impressed with our gifts because that is what they are, “gifts”. God is not impressed with our performance, because it is all about us. What God looks at is faithfulness to Him where His perfect Presence dwells in imperfect vessels. When we stand before Him we want to hear Him say, “Well done. Good and faithful servant.”

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You may have heard of atmospheric rivers hitting the California area.  There is ONE river that I’m most fond of and that is God’s river that flows from His throne!  He has His own atmospheric river that He is pouring out in the earth today – even His glory bringing the refreshing that only He can give!  With that I was inspired to create this “Atmospheric River Instrumental’. Enjoy!

Signs of Prophetic Calling

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    • Hi
      What does it mean if i see myself in dream praying for people who are sick n seeing them healed instantly.

      • Hi Yvonne,
        Good question. The way I would interpret that is that God wants you to begin to step out praying for people. Multitudes of people are in need of a miracle. Healing and miracles are not the same. Where healing may happen instantly or over time a miracle is ALWAYS instant. The truth is Jesus, in almost every case, saw all those He ministered to healed instantly. He is our ultimate example of how to walk. There are only a very small handful of instances where people where progressively healed when He ministered to them.
        Begin praying for people and don’t stop. Breakthrough into a place of seeing miracles on a regular basis. You should take some time to visit my wife Brandi’s website as well as she is also very passionate about seeing miracles.

    • The word of God(Bible) is a sure word of prophecy. Get in the word and speak what it promises over your life. The Word, is God Himself which becomes life and health to all your flesh…
      Seek the Lord, he will speak to you! Don’t depend on man to hear God. I am not saying that to say I despise the gift. I love the prophetic but we need to hear God’s voice through His word speaking to us, and then you will hear Him speaking things that lines up with His wiord into your spirit.

      • Agreed with ya Lyn…was one who ‘sees and hwars’ since the age of 7. It was a bision in my bedroom and Fathrr G_d thundered…My Son went to the cross that you may have life’..then i saw jesus going to the cross. I was akso shown the ‘notrightness of the earth and cosmos…something was very off ftom G_d initial creation…something wrong and evil/dark had enterred into G_d’s creation and ruin a very beautiful thing. I call it the sin element and or sin factor…its the Fall in the Garden thingy in essence! Anyhoos…i had to find out who this jesus guy was cos i was completely drawn into him…found him and been following jesus and learning at his feet ever since. I do not like to brag about what i do tho as this is G_d’s gift and not ego need not apply here. I prefer being anonymous, hidden and humbleminded…let G_d and jesus get the glory alone is my adage. Im just grateful to be called to help Them out! Im far from perfect but im loyal, genuine and a teachable bendable reed. I dont like doing any sin thing but i fibd mysrlf still tripping up regardless…paul speaks of this very yhing in romans..with my mind i honour G_d but in my flesh aka body another element is at work…aka the sin thing….
        This….Romans 7:25
        21 I thank God — through Jesus Christ our Lord! So then, with the mind I myself serve the law of God, but with the flesh the law of sin. I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord. So then I of myself with the mind, indeed, serve the law of God; but with the flesh the law of sin.
        That thingy in essence i am experiencing all the time! Drives me right batty infact!

        Life for me has been very weird..evrn ftom the start…as a very young child always saw the spirit realm. My mom was a practicing wiccan…dad was a messed up soldier who fought in the korean war. Nasty issues there bigtime! I was not raised in a christisn home…G_d Himself sought me out…after that constantly started seeing jesus lots via dreams and visions. The gift was used in many ways to help others… in my teens as a counsellor for other teens, young adults and suicidal persons. In my 30s i was able to see everything about a person..inside and out, their whole life history etc…gave me the tools for handling or helping people..and who or ehat to avoid. Saw demons at a very young age too…eventuelly learning to do warfare in thr spirit realm. For a bit i was callby by G_d to rescue teens out of the occult abd those who dabbled in the lower spiritual inner realms. In my 30s i was called into 2 online was a deliverance ministry but i also used the prophetic gift there as well. The other online ministry was mostly prophetic and some teachings via the Spirit if G_d to wilderness christians.
        All were but stepping stones to hone this spiritual gift. In dec 2018 i was calked by G_d to be a ‘watchman’ and a universal teacher to the lost and perishing….its very interesting to say the least!
        All in all..these are G_d gifts given do that G_d can fulfill His plan for mankind…G_d needs teachable reeds and G_d Himself with equip the person too as they are! No needing to perfected first..when one follows after jesus thrn jesys srnds the Comfortor to takes up residence on the inside aka born of Spirit, born of heaven,born of nicodemus and jesus chat…how can one be born a second time sorta thing! Re john 3… G_d workers are few and G_d is looking for bendable teachable reeds as it were! ‘The harvest is plenty but the workers are few’ apply here….but human ego need not apply. In essence humblemindedness is a true virtue and also makes one approachable to all peoples of planet earth! Also remember the clay earthen vessel aka human does not tell the Master Potter how it is to be made…thats the Master Potter’s job alone to do and shape!

  1. I get times where I feel like shouting gods name and my chest deep so full and heavy and especially when I sing PR listening to some hymns. does this mean I have a prophetic call

    • Sounds like you are experiencing the weight of His Presence on your life. This does not indicate a prophetic call necessarily. Just make yourself available to God to be used in whatever way He would like. All Christians should experience the weight of His Presence in worship. We are all called to be “prophetic” as well, but that is not the same as a prophetic office. Just continue to cultivate a life of intimacy with God, follow Him step by step and as you pursue Him He will grow you into what you are called to.

  2. Hi. Glory to God for this article about being a prophet or being into prophetic office. Now, my searching really has grown deeply since i was delivered by Jesus 3 weeks ago in the church i am attending. It was a best experience and after that something different happened to me everytime i am soaked in the presence of God i cannot control myself speaking about God. I can recall some of the words i said but not all it is me talking but it seems not me. I can feel that God is right always in my front that i can tell everything to Him. But before i was delivered God has sending me visions through dreams and the theme is always about the coming of Jesus Christ. Confirming that Jesus is the key to get to heaven, that the Bible is God’s words, God showed me the prepared kingdom for all who will endure i was not always reading Bible that time and have not reach yet the book of revelation but in my heart i want to see and hear God. The visions continues Jesus telling me that He is coming, that Jesus is the light, that God has brought me from death into life and annointed me until my first time to hear God’s word while i am doing my normal routine of preparing to work, he told me “prepare you are going to see demons”. Then God is right always and truthful to His words 3 days before my deliverance i saw demons in my dreams then i was delivered and l that was the start of more experiences in the presence of God o received and the last vision was again still the end time and Jesus sent me message through an angel b He spoke to me in different language that i was not able to understand all. Only what i understood was God telling me that i am forgiven and He loves me so much. The angel ask me what other things i understood i said nothing anymore. Then he ask me to read hosea 1:1 and jude 1:9 and his last word was i have to do more. Some telling me that i have a prophetic gift. And i thank God for that if it is really so. So right now i am seeking a lot more of God, more of Jesus and for the Holy Spirit to equip me so i God can use me more for His glory. Am i on my right path?

  3. My God! Thank you so much for this article. Ever since I was filled with the Holy Spirit God has been speaking to me even more so before I was filled. I hear the voice of God so strongly, that I’m I’ve been seeking him in my war room that I would be used to do His work here on earth to enhance the Kingdom of God, that I would do his will not my will, bringing Him Honor and Glory.

    • Jesus stands at the door and knocks…the door represent your heart!!’ Open it up so Jesus can come in an sup with you

  4. Hi there, my name is Allan Kandan most times heavy and burning on my chest especially when am thinking about God. When am reading my Bible I see visions when sleeping I see lots off visions when am at church I see lots of visions. Sometimes even at working place I see visions. Does this mean that I am a prophet

    • Hi Allan,
      You are having prophetic experiences. There is a difference between the office of a prophet and just having prophetic experiences. Experience, tests and trials in your life over the span of time can bring you to a place of walking in that office. Yet, it is not about the office of a prophet. It is about a consistency on intimacy with God in your life day in and day out. As you are set apart for Him things work out much more organically concerning the prophetic office. All to say, don’t be concerned about being a “prophet” but rather be content to be faithful to the Lord, what He shows you and let Him give you increase of His Presence in your life. For those things (visions/dreams and etc) that seem significant, being what God is showing you, write them down, study the Word of God in relationship to them and discern the meaning of what is being revealed.

  5. plsssss I would like to ask a question, I dream of seeing myself fighting nd casting out demons in d dream using d name of Jesus…pls I would like to know d meaning of d dream

    • These seem to be general dreams about the spiritual warfare going on around you. In this there is nothing specific to your call but rather about the authority that you have in Jesus Name. Specifically, it could relate to many things that pertain to the interactions that you have – even with other people. If you have emotions going on as well, such as fear, your heart could be attempting to battle against these things. Take what your experiencing, find scriptures that relate in the context of your authority in Christ, power in the Name of Jesus Christ – meditate on these things out of the Word of God.

  6. Hi please could you help me. I hear God through scripture visions and the Holy Spirit is so real in my life that I find it difficult to speak without involving God in everything I say but I do try to wrap my words in words that a person who doesn’t know God yet will understand. I feel weird even around Christians.
    In my walk presently I am being taught by the Holy spirit about God’s love and how to change myself eg self righteousness, pride, etc
    I am usually lead by the Holy spirit on what books to read and usually the verses help me for that season.
    My problem is I don’t speak in tongues. I also feel like I hear from the Holy spirit continously. I sometimes pray with people with a word dropped into my heart. I usually pray scripture. Sometimes as I pray people who already speak in tongues burst into tongues and continue as I pray over them.
    I constantly hear the Holy spirit preaching to me about scripture and explaining and teaching .
    Please could you explain or advise.
    God bless

  7. My name is Ben from Papua New Guinea,,,I’m 29 year’s old…most of what I read touched me…I dont see Dreams often but visions planty with my eye open,,,I usaly hear Gods voise most of my child hood days till now m an adult,I’m still struggling to be perfect in the eyes of the lord….I don’t know how you believers out there herd the voice of the lord , to me I dont hear him talkin to my hears It’s my whole body system hears it,,he speaks inside out,,his voise is so so so soft,smooth,very nice,and once you hear him speaks to you this faith just erupted with certainty,completeness of comfort that its gona happen…
    Plis this prophet issue is a very special issue I know but I just want to know am I being called to become on?…

  8. Hi. Thank you very much for the teaching you have given. But i want to know how I can tell these differences. Some times I see myself in visions demonstrating the power of God in the clouds using every thing in the skies. Sometimes I see myself transfigure from the normal human body to spirit where no one can even feel me. Sometimes I hear God talking and I see myself casting out demons and driving them away. Sometimes I have idea about what has already happened.

  9. I have had many dreams and vision while sleeping. The word prophetic appeared in the clouds in one. I can seens God presence and i will get a revelation about people and their current situation example: sickness, depression, hopelessness etc. Is this prophetic or prophecy!

    • Dear Latoya,
      These kinds of dreams would be giving you insight in how to pray and intercede for people. In it’s most basic form, the prophetic is God speaking to you by His Spirit. The Holy Spirit is giving you wisdom on how to pray for others as someone who is standing in the gap for them. Dreams are simply one mode by which God speaks to us to give us insight as to help others – even serving others in prayer.

    • Wow! Sounds like you have the SEER Anointing. ( Prophet) just like me! You need to get around other prophetic people and communities! You probably also have a gift for healing & deliverance.

    • I dreamed about my family last night i don’t know if god choose me to break cycles im 2 years sober and im never a angry person

  10. Thank you so much for sharing this. I have had God come through in many dreams. I have had dreams and visions that led to prayer and God would show me an experience or what to pray for in another person. And when I tell the person about it, many times they are in shock that the spirit told me. I have had experiences with both demons and angels. I love the Lord so much and listen to worship music whenever I can. I am trying to figure out my spiritual gifts and calling.

  11. Hi, l want to know what does it mean to be woke up in the middle of the night by knocks. It’s not anyone at the door. Its nobody around, lts not my imagination. Could it be God trying to get my attention?

    • Hi, l want to know what does it mean to be woke up in the middle of the night by knocks. It’s not anyone at the door. Its nobody around, lts not my imagination. Could it be God trying to get my attention?

      • To AJ.

        In regards to the knocking and is God trying to get your attention. Absolutely yes it could be God trying to get your attention. I’ve experienced this several times in my spiritual journey. it’s not about the knock but the message that God is sending through the knocking. When you get this knocking began to pray and ask God for revelation as to what it means. God bless you

    • Absolutely yes, it can be God trying to get your attention. I’ve experienced this several times in my journey. It’s not about the knock but the message in the knock. Next time you get this knock began to pray and ask God for revelation as to what He is conveying or speaking to you

  12. Thanks so much but I always have this dreams praying for people healing the sick sometimes I can hear a voice telling me to mix some things to heal some one and when I do so they get healed. Sometimes so people can tell me they had dreams about me baptising and praying for people while putting a white gown help me what exactly does this mean.

  13. I just woke up from a dream of a well known prophet calling me on the phone. He rang 3 times but each time I could not hear him. Last night I had a dream that another well known prophet came to visit me at my house. He touched my hand and wished me a happy birthday in my dream but it wasn?t really my birthday. This was followed by God voice telling me he was opening my eyes and my ears. Another dream I was driving behind a prophet dressed in all white. He was walking very slow in the middle of the road. He turned around and squinted his eyes and told me that I can see what he sees.

  14. I dream and sometimes receive visions about things that are happening to any person at the moment. There was a time I dreamt of someone at the sea and at that moment a student had just drowned. I sometimes feel what someone elsewhere is feeling. Having dreams I can’t understand. I get premonitions about things and can know things about people I haven’t even met when I just hear their name. I wondered why I could see things like that and not be able to do anything. What is that?

  15. many times I see things in my dream even I appear by my spirit to what is happening.
    and also I hear still small voice Calling my Name many times. some times i pray in a dream and I hear voice that answering my prayer two times. Sometimes I see my passed or died aunt in my dream. please what is this mean?

    • Many times you dreams can come from your own “soul” and personal life experiences. The more time you spend seeking the Lord through worship, prayer and His Word (the Bible) the clearer you will hear God’s voice. There is a place where when God speaks you simply know it – no question. Then there are other times that you may think it is God, but you’re not sure. That is where you need other points of confirmation that you are actually hearing God. Hopefully this helps.

  16. Lately my dreams have been very scattered and not able to understand or at times I cannot remember.
    What could cause this?

    • That is not uncommon. ALL of us get various types of dreams. Some come from our soul, others can be spiritual darkness and others inspired by the Holy Spirit – from God. So there is a mixed bag. On one hand you have to realize that they are ONLY dreams, not reality. When a dream has God’s fingerprint on it – that is the dream you want to pay attention to. Understanding the nature of God, the purpose of the Holy Spirit and that when God gives dreams they are to encourage and give wisdom that helps in the interpretation. (when an interpretation is necessary.) For more clarity in your dreams it can help to get some more focused time with the Lord, evaluate what you are meditating upon through the day and give fresh focus to the Word of God. Mainly seek the Lord for what He wants to speak to you at this time. He also may want to speak to you in a different way. He sometimes slightly shifts how He is speaking to you in one season vs. another. Your heart impressions can be just as much God speaking to you as a dream. Sometimes it is just one word He is speaking. Just stay flexible as you spend time in His Presence through worship, prayer and devotion.

  17. Hello, I often have dreams of casting out demonic presences out of people, when I do so it feels like the enemy tries to take my voice or close my mouth. Like it tries to flee out of the person I’m casting and attack me. I’ve had them often with other dreams as well not sure what God is trying to tell me. Years ago I was told I “maybe” was called to be a prophet but I’m not sure. What’s your take?

    • Thanks for sharing. The dreams you are having are what your “spiritual antennas” are picking up – figuratively speaking. Sometimes it can be the atmosphere that you work in or the people you may be around that may not be friendly to the Holy Spirit. All Christians are called to “the prophetic” from the angle where Jesus said, “My sheep hear my voice and they follow me.” In simplest terms, we are all called to hear His voice and follow – even called to speak under the inspiration of the Spirit. Anyone who is called to be in the “office” of a prophet always begins by just embracing the prophetic – even cultivating a depth of communion through intimacy with God. The devil never wants us to speak God’s words or use the authority He has given us. Some dreams are God, some are from what your spirit is picking up through the day and others are just the pizza you ate before you went to bed. Just weight everything you get with the scriptures.

  18. I see myself pray and heal the sick in the dream. I always see things that will happen before they finally happen .

  19. Good evening. I am not sure of what im called for. I often dream things that come to pass. Sense something and it happen. Feel the urge to speak in tounges. And there is a dream i had where a well known prophet was praying for me.i started speaking in tounges and the words i remember him saying was ” prophetess” i always have hunger for righteousness. I hate sin. I love the presense of the Lord.

    • When you are not sure what’s your calling meaning God hasn’t appoint you yet. When it is time God Himself will reveal to you what’s your calling.
      Like me, suddenly God bring me to Ezekiel and it’s both a warning and also a revelation of my calling. Other pastor has been telling me they sense what my calling are but until God confirm it with us we will never be sure.
      Keep praying sister and when it’s time God will reveal to you Himself.

  20. I get dreams of either casting demons out or helping the sick sometimes when I see someone . I have a thought about what goes on in their life . and then when I ask them about their stories , it’s exactly what the spirit tells me

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