Tacos for Everyone

Brandi Belt
Brandi Belt

Welcome to the first issue of Walking on Water Weekly. I’m excited to see how God moves in your life as we go on this journey together of seeking Him as God of the impossible.

You could have signed up for this newsletter for a myriad of reasons – but my heart is that you would see the manifestation of the miracles you need and become a catalyst for breakthrough to the people around you.

In each issue you will receive a short, practical, biblically based teaching; testimonies to stir your faith; and a way to connect or grow further.

Free Tacos for Everyone

As I was graduating college – God went from being distant to ever present and interested in a personal, intimate relationship with me. I grew up in church and learning how to hear the voice of God – but now I was on a mission to find out how much of what God said was true and true for me. Would I really be able to do the things Jesus did?

I was so concerned about what people would think or looking foolish that I wouldn’t even try to pray for people in my middle-class suburb. Finally, I couldn’t contain my desire to “go for God” that I ended up buying $1 tacos and taking them to the inner city. I knew that if I took food – I could get the attention of people who were homeless, addicts, prostitutes and anyone hanging on the street. Almost daily, I would go to the same street to pass out tacos and pray for anyone who would let me.

One Sunday, as I was sitting at lunch with a group from church – I noticed a voicemail from Martha. Martha lived in a halfway house, struggled with schizophrenia, addiction and more but she had become very fond of my tacos. On the voicemail she asked if I was coming with food and what time I would be there. Before she hung up, she said something that would change the course of my life. Martha said, “by the way, when I woke up this morning all of my teeth were back.” I made everyone at the table listen to the voicemail, so I knew I wasn’t misunderstanding her.

At that moment – I knew God was real, God could do the impossible, and He was willing to use me to do it.

I share my story because we all start somewhere. Whether you are still too afraid to pray for the people around you, still waiting for someone to see manifestation when you pray, or you just want to see more of God’s power in your life – I have been there.

Ask for More

No matter where you are on your journey – the best place to start is by asking God for more.

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks, it will be opened.
(Matthew 7:7-8)

Pray for God to increase your desire for more of Him. Ask for a fresh baptism in the Holy Spirit. (If you have never been baptized in the Holy Spirit, let me know.) Spend time meditating on the miracle ministry of Jesus.

When you are intentional in your pursuit of God and the gifts He has available to you – you will see an increase of them in your life.

Stretch Your Faith

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