The Anointing of the Holy Spirit

What is the Anointing?

The anointing of the Holy Spirit is an empowerment from God for a specific task and purpose. The anointing of the Holy Spirit is given to those who are “called” by God to do His will. Just as David was anointed by Samuel to be the next King of Israel, David received the anointing through the vessel, Samuel. Through David’s love for God, he was found by God, whose eyes search throughout the earth for those whose hearts are toward Him.

Christ means “The Anointed One’”. Jesus Christ is literally “The Anointed Jesus”. Christ also having dual definition meaning “The Messiah”‘ His people are referred to as being anointed by God. Those who are in Christ are “in the Anointed One’”. The anointing serves a dual purpose in our walk with God.

The Internal Anointing of the Holy Spirit

Firstly, the anointing is within us. I John tells us that we have the same anointing of the Holy Spirit that Jesus had. This anointing is within us to teach us all things, to help us to know Him as He really is. Without the anointing of the Holy Spirit there is no understanding. The spirit of revelation is released through this anointing of the Holy Spirit inside of us. Paul prayed that we would have the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him.

Jesus told the disciples that He was with them, but soon would be “in them”. When we welcome the Holy Spirit into our lives to fill us with His Presence, then that same anointing that Jesus had will come to abide within us to teach us all things. I John also goes on to say that “you don’t need a man to teach you”. This means that all things are tested by the anointing of the Holy Spirit within us, leading us into the truth.

“The anointing of the Holy Spirit is the empowerment for us to live the way Christ desires us to live, His people reflecting and demonstrating the Kingdom of Heaven in the earth.”

The External Anointing of the Holy Spirit

There is also a mantle of power that God puts upon His people. There are special tasks that require an anointing or unction from God to perform. Maybe someone needs to be physically healed – there is an anointing for that. Maybe someone needs delivered from demonic power – there is an anointing of the Holy Spirit for that. It can also be to preach the gospel, the good news. There is an anointing to teach. God has anointings for specific purposes to accomplish His will. Some may view this as just the anointing of the Holy Spirit, believing it is just one anointing. I don’t think it really makes a difference.

What we do need to know is that we need the anointing of the Holy Spirit to do what God has called us to do. God wants people set free from oppression. That is what the anointing does. When you minister in the anointing you also are a beneficiary of what is flowing through you. In turn, you experience a greater freedom and magnification of the reality of His Presence in your life. The anointing is for people set free from the heavy yoke. His yoke is easy and His burden is light. God’s anoints us to help people be free.

The Oil of His Presence

Oil, biblically, is representative of the anointing as well. In the Old Testament, when someone or something was anointed for a purpose, they used oil to consecrate. To be anointed is to be set apart for a specific purpose. Psalm 133 talks about how wonderful it is when brethren dwell together in unity saying, “It is like the oil running down the head, beard and on the garments.” They must have used a lot of oil! Whatever the case, the oil is very much symbolic of the anointing of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

Effects of the Anointing

The are certain benefits or effects of the anointing upon our lives as well. ?When we spend our time with the Lord, we are continually coming into His courts. Just by being around the Anointed One, we get anointed. The anointing produces peace, joy, love, grace, patience… all of the fruit of the Holy Spirit comes by the anointing. The anointing of the Holy Spirit is an empowerment as well to live the way Christ desires us to live. To bear the fruit of the Spirit we must love the Holy Spirit. When the anointing is upon our lives there is clarity of thought, confusion is gone. His anointing gives us focus, purpose and wisdom as we abide in His Presence.

How to Receive the Anointing of the Holy Spirit

To walk in the anointing of the Holy Spirit, the first thing that must take place in our hearts is a revelation that Jesus sent His Spirit for a purpose. That purpose is that we may firstly “Abide in Him”. Jesus said, “If you abide in Me and My words abide in you then you shall ask… and it shall be done.” We need to value to Presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives to walk in His anointing. We are told not to “grieve” the Holy Spirit. Most people would not know the Holy Spirit has left because He has been gone so long. There is a place of being aware of the Holy Spirit’s presence in our lives. It is when this tangible awareness is with us that we can actually tell that He is grieved by certain things. To be grieved means to be upset or unhappy. We want God to be happy within us. The Holy Spirit is God within us. We are habitations of God. God dwells in us in the person of the Holy Spirit.

Worship is a magnet for the Holy Spirit. We need the spirit of worship upon our lives. This will cause the Holy Spirit water level to rise within us. There measure we sow is thee measure that we will reap. When we sow to the Spirit, we reap life. sowing to the flesh we reap corruption and spiritual decay. Make thanksgiving and praise and priority in your life. Worship will open up your heart to receive more of His anointing on your life.

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