The Spirit Saturated Life

John Belt
John Belt

God calls us to have a “Spirit Saturated Life”. Two people can have the same goals. What makes all the difference is the METHOD by which you achieve those goals. There are many benefits of continually filled and saturated with the Spirit. One is that you become more tuned into the things of heaven rather than things of earth. The Kingdom of God works from the inside out!⁠

Enjoy God Always!


I. The Failure of the Old

The law was totally ineffective in enabling people to love God, help them to obey or follow His ways. What we discover is that the purpose of the law was to be a TUTOR for us. The law causes people to see their need for Jesus Christ. If we chose to live by the law we would have to keep every bit of the law. This to be good enough for God – of which we are not.

II. Why Christ Came

This is the point and purpose for which Christ came – that His perfection would make a way for us. Through Him we come into the depths of an intimate relationship with God. Hebrews speaks of Jesus as the FORERUNNER Who went before us into the very Presence of God.

Jesus made THE WAY for us – because He was good enough for God. This is why we put our trust in Him in all things, living a life that is pleasing to God. He paved that way for us to have a continual communion with God – even t0 experience God in the fullness of His reality.

III. A Saturated Life

Knowing Jesus paid the price for us once and for all we can enter into the fruits of HIS LABOR. He beckons us to open the door that He may come in and dine with us and us with Him.

He is calling us into a SPIRIT SATURATED life. This is where the Holy Spirit works on the inside of us to produce a life pleasing to God.

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Yielding ourselves to God He fills our hearts with the Presence and power of His Spirit. He works within us in an experiential way to produce a life that focused on the things of heaven. He creates a SUPERNATURAL SHIFT in our desires displacing the things of this world as being the priority. The things of God, the things of heaven and the priorities of heaven now become the most important things in our lives.

The Word of God finds new life in our hearts inspiring us to give our all to Him. This is the beauty of the new creation – what He has made us IN CHRIST. That’s why we can say, “the old has passed away and the new has come”. It is not our works but by simply choosing to devote our hearts to Him by the Spirit.

The Spirit works within us what is pleasing in His sight. What we struggled to accomplish in our flesh He accomplishes through the person of the Spirit.

It is not by might, nor by power but by My Spirit says the Lord. We can find strong confidence here knowing that His Spirit produces a life that pleases the Father’s heart.

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  1. Muchísimas gracias Salmista profética John Belt, Yo siento la presencia del Señor el solo hecho de leer lo escrito por usted. Dios me le continua usando para su honra y gloria.

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