Breakthrough is Here!

John Belt

Are you believing God for something to happen in your life or the life of others? God has highlighted May 2021 to us as a month where He is breaking …

Discovering Breakthrough for Your Life

John Belt

Have you ever found yourself in need of a breakthrough? Maybe you need one now. I cannot begin to tell you how many times breakthrough has been needed and found …

Your Divine Weapons & Your Thought Life

John Belt

When I first came to the Lord one of the most important things I learned was how to take captive every thought. For though we live in the world, we …

The Divine Power in Our Agreement

John Belt

Jesus said that where two or more agree in asking anything the Father will do it. There is such power in our agreement. Conversely, there is such a lack of …

Jesus Emptied Himself

John Belt

As believers it is so important to be reminded that we need to be imitators of Jesus Christ. This is key to our discernment in these times because there are …

Loving the Presence of God

John Belt

Is loving the Presence of God an option? It might be for those who don’t know God. I recently had a dream where a person was very desirous to be …

Cleansing the Prophetic of Political Compromise

John Belt

2020 was an “off the charts” year of unpredictability and just about anything you thought couldn’t happen – you might possibly think it could have happen in 2020! Whoa! Didn’t …

Vision of Turtledoves

John Belt

In a dream I recently saw portions of heavenly cloud falling down out of heaven until the earth was covered with a cloud. It was white as snow covering the …

The New Thing in Spring!

John Belt

2021 is Going to be a Great Year! God is going to pour out His Spirit like never before. What is even greater is that we get to be a …

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